Car collection for weddings, events, movies, advertising, photo shoot, TV film production, sightseeing tours, transfers, VIP airport transportation in Lisbon.

Ford A Phaeton 1928
Blue Convertible
Ford A Phaeton 1928
White Convertible
Ford A Phaeton 1928
Bordeaux Convertible
Ford A Phaeton 1928
Black and White Convertible
Ford A Phaeton 1929
White Convertible
Ford A Deluxe Fordor 1930
White Closed
De Soto 1931
Blue Closed
Ford B V8 1932
Bordeaux Closed
Buick 1933
Dark Beige Closed
Ford Sportsman 100 cv 1947
Bordeaux Convertible
Nash Slipstream 1948
Grey and Blue Closed
VW Beetle Zwitter 1952
Cream Closed
Mercedes 190 SL 1956
Silver Convertible
Porsche 356 Speedster Rep. 1956
white Convertible
Oldsmobile 1965
Blue and White Convertible
Opel GT 1969
Red Closed
VW Hippie Van 1972
White Closed
VW Beetle 1972
White Closed
Volvo 144 S 1972
Blue Closed
Rolls Royce Corniche 1973
Green Convertible
Pontiac Firebird - 'K.I.T.T.' 1984
Black T-Top Closed
Opel Corsa GT 1986
Yellow Closed
Opel Corsa GT 1987
White Closed
Opel Corsa GT 1988
Red Closed
Echarri - Replica 1996
White and Red Convertible
Mercedes E250 CDI
Silver Panoramic roof
Mercedes CLK
Black Convertible
Porsche 911 Carrera S
Silver Closed

We have capacity for organizing events up to 80 vintage / classic cars and we have English speaking drivers.

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